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Taller SHYNCRICA- Creación de vídeos cortos

Reels, TikToks, YouTubeShorts - How do I create my first content?

Learn how the language of shorts works and how to create your first short video content

17 November | 17:00 h - 18:30 h


Shorts are not a fad; they are the reigning social media communication format that is here to stay. It is therefore important that we understand how they work to be able to reflect on whether we can apply the format to our communication in some way and ensure it is used responsibly.

During the workshop we will offer you a series of recommendations on how to plan and record shorts with your mobile phone, to ensure the best results. We will also review the main features offered by the native editing tools on Instagram and TikTok and provide practice in the class.


The workshop will include an analysis of best practices, and an invitation to reflect on how to adapt our content to this format. In addition, there will be a short practical session using simple video editing applications to produce professional results.


Sara Mauleón is CEO and Co-Founder of Shyncrica. Thanks to her combination of studies in audiovisual communication, entrepreneurship, and business management, she specialises in understanding the challenges and needs faced by companies.

At Shyncrica she helps to improve the communication and visibility of different businesses, to implement continuous growth strategies and remain up to date. She is also a member of the board of the Association of Women in Film and Performing Arts of the Basque Country, Hemen Elkartea, and a member of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Executives of Bizkaia. AED.

Marta Beitia, art and creative director at Shyncrica. Over the last few years, she has applied her experience in the field of communication and craftsmanship to the creation of content, both for her brand Marts Attacks and for other brands. She has over 150K followers on TikTok (@bymartsattacks) and +28K on Instagram (@martsattacks). She was one of the top 3 best young creatives in Spain at the Club de Creativos CDC 2018. Her forte is social media, where she looks for different and entertaining ways to highlight businesses and companies. 

SHYNCRICA office (María Díaz de Haro street 68, first floor, workshop 3, Portugalete)