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Euskal Herriko Ko-sorkuntzako ekosistema topaketaren argazkia

Experimenting with new models of collaboration

Sadnesses, joys and learnings from the co-creation ecosystem

17 November | 10:00 h - 12:30 h

The session will be in Basque and there will be people (xuxurlariak) translating.

In 2021 we launched the Co-creation Ecosystem of the Basque Country. We have had 7 working sessions, connected 30 organisations with experience in co-creation in the Basque Country, developed 2 experimental projects and obtained different learnings from them, and we are building an ecosystem formed by 5 working groups! We want to share what we have learned along the way and connect it with the knowledge of other local agents.

And above all, we want to continue deepening collectively in the construction of the ecosystem, reflecting on two questions: How to build the path from individual leadership to shared leadership? What does design contribute to the construction of an ecosystem of these characteristics?

In this meeting we want to experiment different ways and possibilities to continue building this path. Would you like to know what we have been working on in the creation of this ecosystem? Would you like to be part of the experimentation? Would you like to contribute to the construction of the co-creation ecosystem?

Join us and experiment in the construction of effective collaborative networks!

Ensanche building (Ensanche square, 11, 48009 Bilbao)
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