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Cabina Benta

The booth

Talking with the neighborhood

26 November | 11:00 h - 14:00 h

- Rin, Rin!

- Aló?

- Hi! I'm the old phone booth next to Benta!

Maybe you haven't even seen me, but like many other abandoned telephone booths, I've been unemployed for years and I want to be useful again. I want to communicate and connect people again, which is what I was conceived to do. I would like to put myself at the service of the neighborhood and see what my new purpose can be. You help me?

From Benta, we invite you to a small collective action in which to rethink the connection of the cabin with the neighborhood and its communicative content:

What do we want to say to the neighborhood? What do we neighbors want to share?

We propose a small dynamic in which to define the new functionality of the cabin, followed by the intervention of the cabin in a renovated space that we ourselves will transform and provide with this new content, to end by celebrating our achievement with a typical Sunday moment: marianito and olives!

This is an action open to all more or less close neighbors of Benta, there are no borders or ages! and participation can be at different levels, with which each person feels more comfortable.

The activity is organized by Benta with the support of collaborators Jon Abad and Iker Abad from Abad Design, Leire García from ColaBoraBora and Monica Deu Muñoz.

As well as thanks to the daily work of all Benta volunteers.

We are waiting for you in Benta for this activity and for the rest!

Benta - Ángel Avenue, 49, 48993 Getxo, Bizkaia