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Articulando nueva longevidad

Articulating the new longevity ecosystem

23 November | 09:30 h - 12:00 h

In the last decade, the new longevity has begun to capture the attention of public opinion, often from the perspective of ageing, the effects of which are cause for concern.

At almost the same time, voices have emerged from the Silver Economy that want to offer an alternative and propose a creative approach to this challenge, turning the needs of the elderly (in a broad sense, people over 50) into an opportunity for society as a whole.

Its raison d'être is to offer innovative solutions to facilitate a full life for the senior population.

This conference organised by Bilbao Ekintza, within the framework of the design week, gives us the opportunity to approach some initiatives that, with this objective, are being developed in Bilbao-Bizkaia.

As some experts say, longevity is transformative, it changes the relationships between resources, services and people. Let us therefore follow the trail of the projects that are beginning to design the new paths that are emerging around ageing in the 21st century.

Alberto Bokos, an expert in longevity markets, will give his views on the different models of articulation in this field. On the other hand, we will learn about the latest advances in the Bilbao Silver Lab project, promoted by Bilbao Ekintza, which aims to turn Bilbao into an urban laboratory to promote testing environments for solutions aimed at the silver public. And finally, and most importantly, we will give a voice to the protagonist collective through an elderly person who will share their experience on how they relate to different agents in the environment that affects them.

Ensanche Building (Atrium)
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