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Jornada Ekoetxea Urdaibai - Conectando Empresas por un Futuro Mejor

Sustainability in Action

Connecting business for a better future

18 November | 10:00 h - 17:00 h

*This is a private event. We will not receive attendees who have not been invited or have contacted us showing interest in attending. If you are interested in participating, please write to, indicating your name, company, responsibility and the reason why you would like to be part of the event. We will reply as soon as possible.

With the clear objective of fostering synergy between the most prominent companies and organisations in the Basque business landscape, quarkart, Bilbao-based strategic and creative consultancy firm, is proud to be an active agent in the edition of Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week (BBDW23), the most prominent gathering focused on the creative and design industries in the Basque Country. In collaboration with the Management and Finance Forum, this event represents a meeting space for leaders and key players in various industries, both private and public, in the Basque Country.

This meeting forum will allow for the exploration of opportunities, the exchange of knowledge and the establishment of contacts that consciously promote business development, innovation and commitment to sustainability in the region. A point of convergence for the experts behind the leading companies and institutions in various economic areas, it will also open the doors for new business collaborations between attendees.

During this meeting, guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in presentations and innovation methodologies that will address emerging trends, strategic challenges and transformative opportunities to design a better and sustainable future from their respective brands.

It will take place in Ekoetxea Urdaibai, part of the Network of Environmental Centres of Euskadi managed by the Basque Government, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

From quarkart, we would like to thank the Bilbao City Council and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, for having selected us as organizers of this event that will bring together around 50 iconic and driving companies in our territory.

Ekoetxea Urdaibai, Bo. San Bartolomé, 35, 48350, Bizkaia
Empresa de consultoría estratégica y creativa de Bilbao
Asociación de responsables financieros más destacados del País Vasco.