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Glosario de una Pandemia

What do we call the people who have been like family to us during the lockdown? And the new rituals we have created in our homes?

What should we call what has been our non-blood family during lockdown? What about our new living room rituals? How should we refer to that feeling of wanting to get back to normal life even though we hated it? What have you called that “txoko” (Basque gastronomical society) or corner of the city that is now your favourite and you have only just discovered? What word can we use to express things like highlighting the importance of slow times or being afraid of others?

GLOSSARY OF A PANDEMIC* is a collective experiment, where we invite you to invent and create words that give a name to specific issues that have arisen during these months of pandemic, lockdown and “new normality”.

As what does not have a name does not exist, we want to name all those things that did not exist or were not as visible until now and that give names to new possibilities and realities.

Now that we are facing the challenge of rebuilding and redesigning many things, why not reflect on what is happening to us and give it a name? Perhaps in this way we can take advantage and build from the good things, dismissing everything we do not want to come back or that risks staying.

It’s really easy, you just have to send us your term and definition, entering the website www.glosariopandemia.eus

Your new word will become part of the glossary and will be visible on the website so that anyone can start using it.

The terms we collect will be opened and will spread like a virus, in a sticker format, during the BBDW. Keep an eye out and get one.

If you would like to find out more about the Glossary of a Pandemic, don’t miss the online meeting we have organised for 5 November at 6:00 p.m. Sign up here


* Glossary of a Pandemic is an initiative promoted by TIPI, a studio based in Bilbao.