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05:30 pm
Cities&Design: future cities, future us

The challenges facing our society are complex and demanding and must be addressed with a different, innovative and forward-looking approach. Imagining futures by questioning preconceived ideas and narratives and discussing these scenarios, allows us to test and explore ideas in an accessible and creative way: speculation enables us to go beyond polarised debates about "good" or "bad" and to express opinions which are neither so obvious nor so media-influenced by the conflicts and factors of the present- with a constructive and forward-looking tone.

This open day will set out and compare certain visions of the future for Bilbao with talks by experts in the subject and the pooling of ideas and scenarios emerging from the workshop “Futures of the future of cities”. As a keynote speaker, Elisabet Roselló will give an introduction to the thinking about futures with a creative and critical look, presenting the most usual bases, myths and structures about the future which are in fact blocking our thoughts from going beyond that and from discovering new paradigms of the future which will enable, improve and transform different realities. Consecutively and to conclude, Ane Abarrategi (TIPI, Bilbao), Frances Brown from Dundee (Scotland, UK) and Karlheinz Boiger "Breathe Earth Collective" from Graz (Austria), members of the working group, emerged from the collaboration with the Creative Cities Network of the UNESCO will present the results of the workshop “Futures of the future of cities”.

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05:30 pm
06:00 pm
"Despensar el Futuro, Repensar Futuros" | Elisabet Roselló
06:40 pm
“Futures of the future of cities” | Ane Abarrategi (TIPI, Bilbao), Frances Brown fom Dundee (Scotland, UK) y Karlheinz Boiger from Graz (Austria)
Yimby Sota. Gran Vía 45