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08:30 pm

From BiDC, we would like to invite all those people, who in one way or another form part of and make the Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week 2019 possible, to celebrate the start of this busy week.

The ceremony will be attended by local institutions and the mayor of the city of Dundee (Scotland) John Alexander, the city invited during this year's edition, and which forms part, as does Bilbao, of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

We will also present two interventions by designers, artists and the people of this city. These can be visited until 28 November.

On the one hand we have the interactive installation, Shpeel, where the public can interact in a 360º immersive environment through an “Emotional Avatar”, transforming the space and talking to the rest of the public.

The same space also contains the exhibition, Print City, which offers an abstract representation of the urban landscape of Dundee. The public can walk through this space, feel it or interact with other people.

Edificio Ensanche